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Destination India: A Book Proposal

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...from my travel journal:

It is 3:00 in the New Delhi, India! I am jet-lagged, exhilarated and overwhelmed, walking dream-like amongst buyers and sellers of great looking produce on a crowded, tree-lined street in Old Delhi. It is one of the most visually intense experiences I've ever had. The air is comfortably warm, and the late afternoon light is soft, filtered through a choking haze of smoke from open fires, truck emissions and industrial pollution. It is noisy and chaotic, fast and slow moving at the same time. I must be careful not to get run over by an ox-drawn cart or stepped on by a camel. Vibrant color leaps out at me from the dust, and odors of everything imaginable and unimaginable assault my western senses. The people are beautiful, openly curious and friendly, and carry themselves with a proud elegance and dignity, distilled over centuries of Hindu culture and religion. The scene is intoxicating, and I am drawn into it.

These pages contain sample spreads of a book proposal based on personal photos from a 9-day annual report assignment in India - a sketchbook of visual impressions captured on film. It is, of course, but a thin slice of the larger, infinitely more complex picture that is India...and the beginning of a terrific travel book project.


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