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Select Annual Reports

Producing an annual report is a collaborative effort. I work best when I'm included early on in the process and can contribute my experience and perspective towards an efficient, reasonable and thoughtful workflow. When great concept, photography, printing and design come together we get annual reports that are memorable pieces of communication.


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United California Bank

Emmett Morava | James Cross Design Office
Award winning b&w book showcasing California's assets.

MCN Energy Group

James Hatch | Straightline International
Color aerials of facilities and b&w testimonial portraits in the USA and India illustrating global involvements of this Detroit based utility.


Bennett Robinson | Corporate Graphics Inc
Stunning b&w double-page spreads of customer installations and applications for a telecommunications giant.

Rhône-Poulenc Rorer

Arnold Saks | Arnold Saks Associates
Three years of reportage assignments in Europe, Africa and USA for this French/American pharmaceutical corporation.

Northrop Corporation

John Casado | Casado Design
Formal b&w studies of cutting edge technologies for a major defense contractor.

International Paper & IP Timberlands

Arnold Saks | Arnold Saks Associates
Covering the vast rescources of the world's largest paper company.

Miles Inc. | Bayer Corporation

Dawn Carr | Carr Design
Five years of assignments in the chemical, health care & agriculture industries.

Echlin, Inc.

George Yager | George Yager Design
Long term relationship with a worldwide manufacturer automotive parts for secondary markets.

Additional Annual Report Covers & Spreads

Memorable images made in collaboration with various excellent designers.

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